There needs to be a radical change towards normalising official attitudes towards football supporters, the end of blanket restrictive measures, and a return to tackling law-breakers rather than the majority of law-abiding fans.



Civil Football Banning Orders

The practices of kettling travelling football supporters and ‘bubble’ matches in which ticket purchases and travel arrangements are severely restricted

Intrusive body searches of football fans entering stadia unless there is a known and specific risk

The ban on drinking alcohol in stadium spectator areas and on coaches to and from matches

Police veto over the timing of major football matches and the ticket allocations by football clubs

The practice by police and stewards of filming football supporters, unless there is a known and specific threat to public order


The Safety Advisory Groups (SAGs) which control matches so that supporters groups can be involved in the decisions around matches, and have a meaningful input into how they are policed and stewarded


Safe standing areas in all-seater stadia where clubs want them


The nine football-only crimes – ultimately – including the offences of indecent chanting, encroaching on the pitch, and possession of alcohol whilst entering ground